Its a great pleasure for me to introduce the Gigabass Audio as an affordable hifi audio solutions to our Bangladeshi quality audio seekers. Its been more than 10 years now we have started the Gigabass Journey. Though I started it as a fun DIY project but over the course of time it has become what it is right now with your well wishes and patronizing. I will give the full credit to my clients and audio enthusiasts of our country who gave me the motivation and inspiration to keep up with this project by ordering and buying from a diy hobbyist like me. Each and every buy from Gigabass was a huge support and inspiration to us which gave us the courage to do more, do better and keeping up what we stated. I believe our today’s product is not solely my creation, rather its a combination of our client’s idea, taste and demand which I just wanted to fulfill through my effort. I think we have a good number of audio enthusiasts, Audiophile, Vintage Hifi seekers, DIY audio hobbyists and new generation Gamers and Movie lovers community here who seeks quality audio and will be interested in my project. I just want to ensure that I’ll be with you and try to serve my best with the little knowledge I have in this field. Hope we can make a change together and make it a global brand in future.