About Us

Who we are?

Gigabass is the first ever Audiophile grade custom audio solution provider & maker from Bangladesh. We intend to provide quality audio solution to our valued customers at a reasonable price range so that every audio enthusiast of our country can afford a quality speaker. We want everyone to have a decent speaker system in their house to dive into the world of quality music.

How we started?

The founder & owner of Gigabass Audio, Mr. Rifat Hussain is a electronics hobbyist and started the business as a hobby ‘DIY Audio project’ on 2010. After getting huge response and positive feedback of his works he kept doing it further and improved day by day.

Why the name is Gigabass Audio?

The business initially started by providing only customized active subwoofer solution to the customers and thus named as ‘Gigabass Subwoofer’. You may have seen the word ‘megabass’, has been used to define a button in many vintage speaker system, walkman etc. to boost up the bass/ low frequency of the system. Gigabass was inspired from there and used as a brand name to define the extremeness of the subwoofer it was producing. However, the business is now producing all kinds of products and utilities you may need to set up a Hifi stereo or Home theater. As the name was already popular among the customers we never thought to change it but we named it Gigabass Audio instead.


Our mission is to provide high quality audio solution including speakers and speaker components, audio accessories and all the related services in a reasonable price and at a single place.


We aim to produce Hifi grade audio Components of all kinds, want to bring high efficiency and accuracy through technological innovation and advancement by doing research and engineering and become a leading brand in the audio industry of the world.


Our broad objective is to make people aware of quality audio, educate them about high quality speakers and the difference it can make in contrast with cheap speakers.

Gigabass provides you with an experience – an experience that can be compared only to the experience of tasting the sweetness of sound. There is a wide range of hand-made, custom build hifi home theater components like tower speakers, center speakers, satellites, active subwoofers etc. sold at a very competitive market price, that are definitely worth trying. Visit our experience zone located at Banasree, rampura to experience the demo performance of our product.