Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Questions

Yes, Of-course! Gigabass Audio has an experience zone, located in Rampura, Banasree of Dhaka where we keep all our available models in stock. You can come over and check the sound quality as long as you want.

We don’t use any particular brand’s driver for most of our speakers. We import high quality Custom OEM drivers by testing multiple samples before utilizing in a system. We also custom order drivers to match in a particular model. We rigorously test a specific driver before selecting it for our final product keeping in mind that every speaker has its own purpose and characteristics. For subwoofers we use MA Audio, Pioneer, JBL, Kicker etc. brand according to the customers’ choice.

We get this question very often even though its very basic. Yes, We use crossovers which is an essential part of a HiFi speaker. Not only do we use the crossovers, but also we believe that ‘Crossover’ is one of our prime strengths, because we custom build our own crossovers according to the speakers to make it balanced. We can also tune up the speakers according to our customers taste and choice by modifying the crossover particularly for them. We can confidently say that we understand every bit of a crossover when we make one and we can make subtle changes in a speaker’s characteristic by changing the crossover. And this is something that took a long long time to be professional in building quality crossovers on our own.

We do, but according to the need. Absorbent is used to damp the inside of the cabinet to reduce unwanted frequencies produced by the hollow space of the cabinet, also because of the cabinet resonant frequencies. Damping material helps to provide smoother bass & low mid bass responses, and we provide the suitable material according to the need. Excessive use of the damping material reduces the performance, and some speakers may not even need to use them at all.

We offer customization like Color and size for all of the speakers. You will be shown the different color options, and from that you can choose any color for any of the speaker models available. Also we can change the measurement of the speaker by keeping the sound same, if you want a bit change in height, depth or width. For customization, we don’t charge any extra cost but you have to give us some more time as we need time for production.

We do provide warranty for all of our speakers and active subwoofers. Generally we give 1 year warranty for all of our products. For some flagship items we provide 2 or more years warranty.

Within the warranty period if any technical fault causes, then we take the full responsibility of the item. But Don’t worry, even after the warranty period, you don’t have to get panicked, we take only the parts cost with a minimum service fee and make the speaker as it is.

Sorry! We dont yet have POS and any EMI facility available.