Reference MX400

Reference MX400

৳ 22,500.00


Type : Active Subwoofer

Design : Ported

Driver Watt RMS : 350 watt

Amplifier Type: BTL Amp (Class D)

Amp Watt RMS : 400 watt

Driver Size : 10”

Cone type : Polypropylene Injection cone with Rubber Surround

Magnet type : Dual

Brand : MA Audio

Frequency response : 28 Hz – 200 Hz

Crossover Type : Active variable

Range : 60hz-200Hz

Connectivity : RCA Line level

Parallel connectivity : Yes

Operating Voltage : 220V (Range 180V- 240V)

Power Connectivity : IEC Socket

Fused : Yes

Protection: Short Circuit, OVP & UVP, Clip

Wood Type: MDF

Thickness: 18mm

Size : 16”/14”/15” (H/W/D)

Available Color: Black/Mapple Veneer/Walnut veneer

Weight : 20 kg Warranty : Yes (1 year)

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Product Description:  Reference MX400 Active Subwoofer

Introducing our reference series active subwoofer with ultra durable, high excursion, heavy duty and powerful MA Audio driver.

Our newly introduced reference series subwoofer has utilized 90% efficient 400 watt Class D amplifier and 24db octave crossover filter, so that it can power the driver with ample energy and better transient response can be achieved.

We also redesigned the grill with a stylish look, improved the finish with new vinyl wrap which is more durable and front baffle is given with high glossed finish as well to look even better. There is also a version without gloss black finish to choose from.

Our reference series subwoofers are made with extreme care to provide with most accurate sound. Its the best choice for those, who want an accurate yet powerful bass to enjoy full band bass frequency across the low range while watching movies or listening music. We can promise that our reference subwoofers will satisfy you with every field of listening experience you want to have it with.

Just connect our subwoofer with your AV receiver, TV, PC or any media to boost up the bass response and feel the exact sound which musician wanted you to feel.

The Amplification:

As large amount of power was needed to drive the sub we used powerful TDA8954 chip from NXP to power it up with its high power, low THD & high durability and protection capability. We used the chip at Bridge tied load to get the maximum power and shake this monstrous driver at its fullest. The chip itself has some good protection circuitry and stable power handling capability which made the subwoofer a durable yet powerful one.

Cabinet Design:

We also tried to bring maximum efficiency and accuracy while designing the sub cabinet. We tuned it at 33Hz which is very much musical and can also meet your movie needs by going as low as 28Hz. The ported design gave us maximum output level at the given power and given the ability to reach the deepest possible bass frequencies without compromising the loudness. As the amp has to deliver huge power driving the sub, it also gets hot while running at highest level, so we had to take care of the hit issue and our cabinet design gave us the opportunity to emit the hit through the port. Because of our intelligent design we made it possible to run the sub continuously 24 hours at highest level without any sort of problem.

Connectivity and Control:

We made the connectivity as simple as connecting a headphone into your mobile phone, the difference is you just have to give a power source in it. We gave multiple RCA socket for line level input. You can either use a stereo source or LFE/mono source to play the sub and either case you will get a filtered low pass out. For better matching with your speaker, surrounding or environment, room size and your taste of music; we gave an active crossover controller which will allow you to pass 60Hz to 200Hz by turning a simple knob. A volume or level controller knob is also there to match the bass level to your speakers. We gave standard IEC socket for AC power in which you can switch easily if you wish to.

Protection and safety:

In designing the Gigabass reference series active Subwoofer particular attention was reserved to the circuit devoted to protection of the device from short circuit or overload conditions. The chip we used in the circuit has some protection features which automatically control itself from extreme condition and keep the circuit safe and protected.

All at once our driver choice, amplification system, cabinet design, acoustic treatment inside the sub, its well bracing and shielding, the outlook and our after selling service everything made it possible to compete this sub with any other renowned brands in HiFi audio field. And we are proud to introduce something like this and build it by our own in Bangladesh.