Unicorn X1 Flagship Bookshelf Speaker

Unicorn X1 Flagship Bookshelf Speaker

৳ 38,000.00


Power: 200watt (100watt per channel)
Impedance: 6ohms (Nominal)
Speaker Type: 2 way
Mid Woofer: 6.5″ Woven Kevlar Cone
Tweeter: 30 mm Transparent Soft Dome type
Frequency response: 38Hz-20khz ( -6db)
Cutoff Points: 3.3 khz
Bass port type: Dual Flared type port
Measurement: 14”/7”/14” (H/W/D)
Wood Type: MDF (18mm thick)
Weight: 7kg each
Grille: Yes
Finish Type: Scratch Proof Strong Wood Vinyl Finish
Color available: Walnut/ Oak/ black or any other custom color possible
Warranty: 2 Years


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Unicorn X1 is the next level genius of the Unicorn Heritage. 

‘UNICORN’ is the latest series of Passive Hifi Speaker from Gigabass Audio, which is made for performance & built for quality. This new Unicorn series of bookshelf speakers will provide you the best possible sound that you can expect from a bookshelf speaker. Everything about it is best in class, starting from the driver, crossover, finish, design, components and what not!

The Design:

The speaker is designed in a two way system to achieve ultimate clarity with the ability to handle enough power to shake your body & soul! It’s a 4 ohms speaker utilizing a 6.5” Genuine Woven Kevlar Mid Bass Driver & 35mm Transparent Soft Style Dome Tweeter having 92db of sensitivity. Both of the drivers have excellent linear response within their frequency bandwidth.

The Crossover:

For the first time we used a 3rd order 18db slope for the woofer to get most accurate cutoff point. We used completely customized crossover to match between the drivers using two way design. Unlike other manufacturers who uses after market crossovers which cannot match with the drivers sensitivity, frequency response and impedance. We cut off the mids & highs at 2 Khz to get the best possible match between the drivers.

The Cabinet:

The cabinet is made to produce deeper & Powerful bass, a resonant free cabinet has been implemented with excellent bracing & ultra-thick body construction. We used dual 18mm solid MDF to give the front baffle even sturdy construction. By using long dual flared bass reflex port tube in back side, we ensured that it can handle extreme pressure and never produce any air noise. Appropriate amount of Glass Fibers have been used for dampening the inside of the cabinet for softer, and deeper bass response without resonating the frequencies inside of the cabinet.

Mids & Bass:

The 6.5″ Woven Kevlar cone driver is meant to be stiff, rigid & sensitive to produce high fidelity sound. The Kevlar driver, due to its light weight factor, it can be highly sensitive in mid & high mid area and also very flat in response. The mid sound reproduction is just as lively as you listen in the live concert. Also because of the extreme rigidity of the driver, it can handle long term and short term high power while driving deep low bass. The driver never distorts while in action with extreme pressure and it’s always in control to give its best.

The Highs:

Utilizing the top quality Transparent Soft Dome tweeter we ensured High Fidelity Sound Reproduction in the most agile frequency band. You will be amazed with the clean voices with the ultra-high airy response, high hats & cymbals running at its best in a wide sound stage. The tweeter is very delicate, sensitive & rich and crossed it with the mid driver in a very excellent way to give you best possible response in the frequency.

The Finish:  

We have given high quality rugged paint finish for premium outlook as well as ensuring the durability of the body. You can easily wipe of the dirt with a dry or lightly wet cloth if you want.

The Unicorn X1 Two Way Hifi Speaker provides ultimate accuracy in producing subtle nuances of the audio from the deeper bass, all you need is a good amplifier to run the beast and enjoy to the fullest.

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100% Polyester

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